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I made a great discovery recently.  The chain and turnbuckle system works spot-on perfect for sub-frame vehicles to secure the powertrain to the Powertrain Handler. But, on non-sub frames it leaves a little to be desired.  So what I did was use my Squangle Bar kit (which I sell, see below) to get a good solid mount.  If installed correctly the bars keep the powertrain firmly in place because they hold solidly in all directions, where the chains just hold with downward force.  This Kit is similar to the basic kit shown on the Transmission Jack Adapter
This is the chain and turnbuckle method on a non-sub Nissan.
Here is the Squangle Bar method on a non-sub frame Neon
A closer view showing how the bars bolt onto the transaxle of the Neon
With the transaxle secured on the Powertrain Handler, it can easily be moved to another area while work on the engine is done and allows for quick reassembly right from this position.
This shows the powertrain secured on the Powertrain Handler and shows how accessible all areas are for disassembly.
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Individual components may be purchased separately
Deluxe 1/2 inch Squangle Bar kit