The Powertrain Handler

  • The best all-around powertrain handling tool on the planet!

  • It is the perfect companion to a chassis contact hoist.

  • Works on almost all front wheel drive cars right out of the box.

  • Saves enough time that some users have paid for the machine in three engine jobs.  You can save 3 to 4 hrs. using the PTH instead of following the repair manual.

  • Heavy duty construction built with heavy wall tubing and large wheels with grease fittings.  Load capacity - 3,800 lbs.

  • Easy set-up for individual height adjustment by internal screw jacks that are operated by a conventional air ratchet.

  • Because of unobstructed access many repairs can be performed right on the Powertrain Handler.

  • Stores in 2 sq. feet of floor space. 

  • Cost is so reasonable that a shop can easily afford two machines and store them in less space than a conventional disabled car dolly.

  • An extra machine can be used for moving a vehicle that has had the power train removed.

  • Makes powertrain removal a one man job.

  • Tip plates available in 2 sizes, standard and maxie.


Soren Specialties

Origin of the Powertrain Handler

I needed a better method of removing the complete powertrain from late model front wheel drive vehicles.  I looked at what was available and the cost and designs were not in line with my requirements.  I decided to design something of my own. What I came up with was quite serendipitous!
Think about this..... 

The basic key to disassembling anything is understanding how it was put together.

If you've always pulled the cowling, separated the engine from the trans and used a cherry picker....THERE IS AN EASIER WAY!  Remove the powertrain the way the factory installed it!

Re-installing is easy!  Users of the Powertrain Handler claim they save a lot of time.  And, because of better visability additional repairs can be made to the powertrain and to other components in the engine bay.  Results will be a better overall job!

Extended mode for use
Storage mode
U.S. Patent 8,302,738 B2
The Powertrain Handler can be used in many different ways. This Massey Ferguson tractor repair is a good example.  It needed a front cover oil leak fixed.

Notice how well the Powertrain Handler supports the front section of the tractor. In fact, the way the PTH is designed you can make special adapters for most any application.

If you have ever tried to use a cherry picker for this operation then you can see how much easier this is.  In fact words can't explain HOW much easier reassembly is.

The Powertrain Handler works great with farm equipment, too!
Front of engine
Front end assembly
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