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Transmission Jack Adapter
Cylinder Head Work Station

If you rebuild cylinder heads or just assemble replacement heads you will find it much easier on Soren Specialties' Cylinder Head Workstation.
You can even do head cc'ing, porting and crack repair.
Two sizes will handle any thing from a single cylinder to a TD 18 diesel.
Used with my specially designed valve spring compressor, you can even disassemble and reassemble 5 valve VW heads with ease and the cost is way lower than valve spring tables that only do springs. The work station will allow for a full 360 degree rotation and locks in any position.
A new bench mounted model is in the works.

The adapter even works well on front wheel drive transaxles.
The adapter is very stable even on heavy and awkward loads like this transmission transfer case assembly from a Ford truck.

If you have had a problem safely balancing a transmission on your transmission jack then consider Soren Specialties' adapter arms, known as Squangle Bars. The following illustrations show how they work.

First, remove the standard chains and blocking devices and position the jack as usual.
Second, remove the transmission mount and bolt the L-Blocks of the adapter in its place.
Third, install the Squangle Bars as shown.  Be sure the trans jack plate is lifting the trans slightly, then tighten the pinch bolt joints.
Lastly, remove the trans as usual; you will immediately notice the transmission is held more solid than with chains, blocks or straps.
The pictures below show a 5.9 Cummins diesel cylinder head.  The head was pulled with all manifolds and fuel system intact.  It was attached to the work station and is ready for disassembly and repair.
This valve spring compressor was designed under actual working conditions, not from a designer’s drawing that they "hoped" would work.

When used with our Cylinder Head Work Station it eliminates the need for a valve spring table costing $1500 to $2400.

The compressor has a longer stroke than other compressors  and is designed to work on late model multi-valve overhead cam engines.  Note the two t-handles, one for compressing the spring the other for rotating the compression foot for best access to the spring keepers.
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Basic Squangle Bar Kit for rear wheel drive: Call for price

Deluxe Squangle Bar Kit for rear wheel, front wheel and transfer cases: Call for price


Individual components may be purchased separately
Deluxe Squangle Bar Kit for rear and front wheel drive and transfer cases
Basic Squangle Bar Kit for rear wheel drive
Individual components
   Individual Component List
     (Prices subject to change)

TB7 Threaded squangle block                $39.95
RSB Reg. squangle block                18.85
SJ2 Squangle joint with bolt                     39.95
FC9 Flag connector bar                     9.25
SA4 Sq. Angle connector                          9.95
FA6 Flat angle connector                          9.50
LC9 Long connector rod                    4.90
SC6 Short connector rod                   3.20

Valve Spring Compressor